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What Bothers Americans Most About Their Homes

Insufficient storage and loud neighbors were top complaints

Originally published on September 15, 2015|Mansion Global
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A shortage of storage, loud neighbors and irresponsible drivers are just a

few of the things that annoy Americans the most about where they live,

according to a survey from mortgage data research firm

The firm commissioned a survey of 1,001 U.S. owners and renters about

their houses and neighborhoods.


When it comes to their houses, 67% percent of respondents said inadequate

storage really gets on their nerves. Two-thirds of residents complained their

homes required too much maintenance.


More than 60% said loud neighbors were a top concern. Residents of the Northeast,

the survey found, were more concerned with the proximityof those living nearby.

Gabriele Sewtz, an agent for the New York real estate firm Compass, said that New

Yorkers expect to hear sound from the street, but are less likely to put up with

noise from their neighbors. “The minute the unit itself isn’t quiet, there’s a problem,

” Sewtz said. (Compass was not involved in the survey.)When it comes to their

neighborhoods, the survey found that more than three-quarters of the respondents

were most bothered by speeding drivers and traffic.

See the full results here.

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The Biggest Celebrity Real Estate News of Summer 2015


By Jessica Estrada | August 27, 2015 | Home & Real Estate

As summer winds down, we take a look back at the biggest celebrity real estate

news of the season.

Cindy Crawford Flipped a Malibu Home


Cindy Crawford is more than just a supermodel—turns out she’s a real estate

pro, too. Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber purchased a multi-level

ocean view Malibu home in Point Dume with a lagoon-style pool, glass walls,

and private beach access, and renovated it before selling it over the summer

for a hefty profit. Well done, Cindy.

Jason Statham Sold His LA Home to The Big Bang Theory’s

Johnny Galecki.


Over the summer, Jason Statham handed the keys to his LA home in the

Outpost Estates neighborhood to fellow actor Johnny Galecki. Features

of the 1929-built Mediterranean compound include a screening room, a

resort-inspired swimming pool, and a well-pedigreed past, which includes

previous owners like Ben Stiller and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Ashley Tisdale Sold Her Custom-Built Toluca Lake Home


After getting married last year, Ashley Tisdale was ready to start a new

chapter of her life in a new home, which meant she had to part ways

with the Toluca Lake abode her father custom built for her. With

personalized amenities like an oversized closet and a top-notch

security system, it’s safe to say that this home will always hold

a special place in her heart.

Pop Singer Sia Purchased an Artsy House in Los Feliz

An ordinary abode just doesn’t do it for singer and songwriter Sia, which

is why a fanciful estate in Los Feliz was a fitting choice for her. The 1924

Mediterranean home reflects her bold and eclectic style with details like

stained-glass murals, curved ceilings, and carved wood accents.

Steven Spielberg Sold His Massive Malibu Mansion


Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg said goodbye to his stunning

oceanfront Malibu compound over the summer. The seven-bedroom home

includes a massage room, a private library, a movie theater, a pool, and a

detached two-bedroom guesthouse.

Lauren Conrad Purchased Another Home in the Pacific Palisades

Lauren Conrad is turning into quite the real estate tycoon. Earlier this summer,

Conrad added a Pacific Palisades home to her already impressive real estate roster

that includes properties in Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood. Her new

digs feature five bedrooms and a spacious swimming pool complete with a spa,

waterfall, and built-in slide.

Katy Perry Fights Nuns to Purchase a Former Convent in Los Feliz


And last, but certainly not least, the most buzzworthy celebrity real estate

news of summer 2015 goes to Katy Perry. The singer has been fighting to

purchase a former convent in Los Feliz, but came across legal difficulties

over who has the right to sell the spectacular property—two former nuns

of the convent or Archbishop José Gomez. The issue may take a long time

to resolve, but in the meantime, we’re crossing our fingers for Perry.


Any Benefit of Weekly Home Mortgage Payments?

A bi-weekly schedule beats a monthly one in terms of shortening the term of a

home mortgage. Weekly payments, however, make little difference.




Typical borrowers make their mortgage payments monthly. Some, however, make bi-weekly payments to

reduce the term of their loans. Could weekly mortgage payments speed the payoff even further?

The answer in some cases is yes—but usually not much more than with bi-weekly plans.

Converting to any schedule that increases payment frequency reduces the principal loan amount faster,

resulting in less interest owed and a shorter mortgage term, says Jack Guttentag, professor emeritus of

finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The biggest benefit of weekly payments,

however, is not cost savings, but convenience for people who are paid weekly and like to handle bills

accordingly, he adds.

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