Taylor Swift’s $25 million Beverly Hills mansion closes landmark status


Pop star Taylor Swift has turned five Beverly Hills public officials into adoring fans — and their love has nothing to do with music.

Swift, who bought the family estate of iconic Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn for $25 million a year ago, is going to great lengths to have the property restored to its original 1934 condition. Her architects are painstakingly rehabbing the main house’s oversized windows, replicating wooden fencing from nearly a century ago and even reconstructing columns at the pool cabana.

On Wednesday, the Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission’s five members voted enthusiastically in favor of Swift’s request to turn her new digs into a local landmark for its connection to Goldwyn. Now, the Beverly Hills City Council will vote to finalize the historic designation at an upcoming, yet unscheduled, meeting.

Judging by the gushing approval by the Heritage Commission, it appears that the pop singer-turned-conservator is likely to get her way.

“This is one of the great estates in this city, and it’s very important to the history of the city. And I’m thrilled that whoever the owner is, they’ve found it important to keep this house and spend the money to restore it because it’s no small thing to do,” said Noah Furie, vice chair of the commission during the meeting Wednesday.


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